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Earlier this year I had the pleasure of signing up to an excellent workshop by my friend and fellow photographer, Natalie Field.  I was delighted to get a seat and was excited about what we were to produce during the day.

After arriving and settling down for some introductions, Natalie spoke about her journey with her photography and how she has grown and developed her style to what it is today.  She is a well respected fashion and conceptual digital artist and photographer.   What a wonderful introduction to the day.  The first half of the day was the theory behind creating conceptual art and watching how Natalie created the story behind the theme.  The theme for our day was Delicate Spring.  Natalie kindly sent through a pinterest board with some ideas on the topic.   Thank you Natalie for sharing your knowledge with us.

For more information on this outstanding workshop, please see this link here:

One of the activities was to pull out of a hat, just 2 props that were displayed.  The two items I picked was 1) Ivy and; 2)Radio.  We then had some time to conceptualize our thoughts on these random props.

My concept was about the radio that creates the deafening noise pollution of media and mediums in the 21st century.  We have a never ending stream of noise pollution that comes at us every day.  The ivy represents growth and rebirth and this emotional journey we are on because of the ‘noise pollution’ by media.  It also represents strangulation and ‘stunted growth’ because of that noise pollution.  The muted treatment on this image reflects how the media mutes us.

I never thought I would be able to put a concept together.  With the group’s help and Natalie’s inspiration, I was able to do just that.

I highly recommend anyone wishing to break out of the rut of shooting for everybody else and to cover overheads, to be inspired to photograph things they love.  As Natalie says, “shoot what you love and remember to play a little everyday”.

Thank you to the following contributors:

GBP Studio Rental

MUAH: Tris Alves

Model: Sarah Forsyth


‘Distorted Growth’


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