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Corporate Head Shots

Corinna Tannian Photography is delighted to now be offering on location and studio based corporate headshots.  These are also know as Business Profiles, Executive Portraits or Professional Portrait.  We aim to provide dynamic professional corporate profile photos.  We can either come to you or you are welcome to come to the studio which is based in Randburg.

You will receive the images in both medium and low resolution, we ready images.  These can be sent electronically or you are welcome to purchase a CD with your images too.  The medium resolution images will be approximately 4-5MB each while the low resolution images will be about 150-300kb each.

What professional portraits can be used for:

  • Company websites, Intranet, Blogs, Company Profiles etc. – electronic files
  • For Advertising purposes i.e. company brochures, reports, magazines etc. – print files
  • Business Cards – print files
  • Social Media Profiles including, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ etc. – electronic files
  • Press Releases and CV’s.

Types of portraits available:

  • Environment – these photos will be taken on location and in the environment that portrays what you and/or your company does.
  • White or black background – these photos will be taken in a well lit area with mobile studio lighting and can be taken pretty much anywhere.
  • Natural Light – no flash equipment will be used for these and careful consideration must be taken as to where these types of shots will take place, i.e. great natural light areas with a fantastic light source, which is normally the sun.  These photos will also need to be done either early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the harsh sunlight which creates harsh shadows on the face.


Tips on what to wear for your portrait:

  • Firstly make sure your clothing is clean and clear of any wrinkles.
  • Decide if you’re going for a modern trendy look (note that your portraits may out-date quickly) or a more formal and classic look.  This will depend on your personality and company profile.
  • Make sure you choose colours and tones that match your skin tone.  And consider the colour of your eyes.  This means that if you have blue,  you may consider wearing a blue or grey top.  If you have green eyes, you may consider more earthy tones to compliment your eyes.  If you have medium to darker skin, then avoid earthy that are too similar to the colour of your skin.  Also busy, bold, floral print are ones to avoid as these patterns detract from the main purpose of your headshot.
  • It is recommended to wear long sleeves for your headshot.  Bare arms can be distracting and in some industries may even be considered inappropriate.  Although this will depend on the nature of your industry and organisation.
  • Simple jewelry will work well for women.
  • For men, a simple well fitted dress shirt, tie and jacket will work well.

A few additional tips I have are:

  1. Decide on the look and feel you are trying to achieve with your headshot, i.e. environment or background.
  2. Decide on the appropriate outfit to wear.
  3. Women, make sure your hair is styled and make up is done before your photos are taken.
  4. Research on Pinterest and other sources for ideas on how you would like your photos to look as the final end product.
  5. Decide on which platforms the photos will be used and pay particular attention to the industry you are in and the audience that will see your profile.

A few examples of professional portraits that we have done as well as some of my clients are here:

  • Oakfield Farm
  • Standard Bank
  • Joint Prosperity